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Wet Scrubbers for Dust, Fumes, Mist...

Branch Environmental supplies custom built scrubbers and systems for air pollution control. From small units to large custom designed systems, you receive competitive pricing with the highest reliability and assurance that the equipment will work right the first time.

Packed Towers

Packed Towers are primarily used for gas absorption. By creating a washing action of water, many acids or other vapors can be efficiently absorbed. The exact size is calculated by our engineering staff for guaranteed performance. We provide the most common configurations, including cross and counterflow designs.
Packed Tower

Venturi Scrubbers

Venturi Scrubbers are used to remove very fine dust, mist and can also remove gases. They rely on a high velocity air flow in the Scrubber to atomize water and remove particles down into the submicron range. The open design can handle a variety of difficult applications.
HE Venturi

Jet Venturi Scrubbers

Jet Venturi Scrubbers use the energy from the liquid sprayed under pressure to move the air, scrub the gas and remove dust. Jet Venturi allow the use of high liquid rates which are necessary for some applications. For example, emergency chlorine Scrubbers often use this design.
Jet Venturi

Impingement Scrubbers

 When handling insoluble solids, you might also need high efficiency gas absorption. The Venturi Scrubbers can handle solids, but have a limited contact time, so gas absorption is not always complete. The impingement design uses multiple perforated plates in series to extend the contact time while handling solids.
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  • All performance levels are guaranteed.
  • Any material of construction available.
  •  Complete packages available with all accessories.
  •  Shop fabricated units up to 50,000 cfm (85000 m3/h). Larger sizes are available using field fabricated designs.

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