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NOx removal...

Branch Environmental can provide several different technologies for removing oxides of nitrogen (NOx) from air or flue gas. The best treatment method for your application will depend on the conditions of operation.

Selective Catalytic Reduction

SCR systems use our catalytic design to react ammonia injected into the air stream with the NOx present. This approach  requires an operating temperature of 320-700º F (160-320º C) depending on the catalyst used.

For flue gas that is already in this range, the SCR system will be a good choice. Systems use about .4 wt. NH3/wt. NOx .

Because there are so many variables, please contact us for specific information.

SCR System

Wet Phase Catalyst

To avoid the problem of high chemical cost, a special surface catalyst media was developed to be used at ambient temperatures. This unit uses conventional scrubber chemistry with a caustic solution, operates at ambient temperature, and can handle variable loads.

This surface catalyst is relatively expensive  initially, so the best choice will depend on concentration of NOx, temperature, required efficiency...

Wet Scrubbing

The lowest initial cost system will be a wet scrubber. However, as NOx absorbs in water, it reacts to form NO (insoluble form) which will slowly reoxidize to NO2. In a conventional scrubber, 60-70% removal occurs. To improve this, several possible chemicals can be introduced into the towers combined with a very long contact time.

The disadvantage of this approach is the cost of the special chemicals required. Additionally, there will be a waste water treatment requirement.

Contact us for more details on any specific project.
  • All performance levels are guaranteed.
  • Complete engineered systems available.
  • All safety standards such as FM, UL... can be provided.
  • Can be combined with our other systems to handle multiple gas removal.

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