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Fiberbeds for mist removal...

When extremely small particles are present, the energy required for scrubbing will increase tremendously. If the particles are oil, acid mist, or a soluble salt, a Fiberbed may be the best answer.

The principle of operation involves an extremely compressed bed of fiberglass with very low gas velocity. The result is removal of particles below 1 micron. The lower the velocity, the better the performance.

The captured mist or other liquid drains off of the filter into a collection area.

Fiberbed Candle 

Mesh Mist Eliminators / Chevrons

These types of mist eliminators work well on most common application. They are used inside of our Scrubbers as the last step in assuring that no mist escapes.

We do not make mesh mist eliminators: however, if you need a complete design - including housing, storage, or controls, we may be of help to you.

We can provide a complete package. In some cases, a combination of elements will give the lowest cost, and we will let you know which package is the best for you.

Package Systems

Many projects require a combination of Scrubbers plus Fiberbeds, or cooler plus mesh mist eliminator, or...

Let us help you by providing assistance with the selection of the best combination for your specific project.

  • All performance levels guaranteed
  • Many materials of construction available
  • Complete packages available